Corona virus (Covid-19) precautions & current estimate: no delay in deliveries [update 1].

Precautionary actions to safeguard the health of our employees and the continuance of our operations:

No visitors who have travelled to any high-risk area within the last two weeks are permitted. Staff from transportation companies and sub-contractors such as cleaning and maintenance are required to follow the same guidelines as our employees (posted on all entrances).

Anyone with symptoms that match Covid-19 (dry cough, fever, difficulties to breath) are forbidden to enter our facilities.

Entrepreneurs, cleaning staff, etc. (persons working at our facilities but not employed by us) are not allowed to have coffee our lunch breaks etc. in our dining rooms.

All non-critical visits, travels and meetings are suspended until further notice.

Regarding deliveries to our customers:

Our current estimate is that the outbreak of Covid-19 will not cause any delay in our deliveries. This is based on information from our suppliers. We have open dialogues with our suppliers and monitor the development continuously.

This statment is valid för the current situation without any implications or guarantees regarding the future.